Stewardship of Our Lake

Run by the Christina Lake Stewardship Society

Office Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 PM Tuesday to Thursday

Mondays and Fridays by appointment only

For more information contact Brenda LaCroix


fax 250-447-2509

Stewardship is the care given by people and the communities for the land and water.

The Community Stewardship Resource Centre is envisioned as a "people center" serving an important role in networking individuals, volunteers, organizations, and government in dealing with sustainability not only within the community of Christina Lake but the entire Kettle River watershed system (Boundary Forest Region).

For more info on the Christina Lake Stewarship Society click here to view their website.

What is the purpose of the Community Stewardship Resource Centre?

Educational programs, workshops, and training pertaining to stewardship.

Environmental data for the Kettle River watershed system (Boundary Forest Region) on various topics.

Coordinating and implementing habitat restoration, enhancement, and protection projects.

Monitoring of environmentally sensitive areas.

Promoting community participation and partnerships.

Liaison with landowners, volunteers, organizations, businesses and government agencies.

Provide information on stewardship, conservation, sustainability, government mandates/initiatives pertaining to stewardship, restoration and conservation.

Stewardship of water/water quality, biodiversity, ecosystems and natural resources.