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Grace McGregorChristina Lake has been my home for most of my life. I love to welcome people to share nature’s beauty that surrounds us here at the lake. And I love to sing the praises of our close knit but warm and welcoming community. People who live here have chosen a lifestyle that celebrates nature in all seasons. We are proud of our active, supportive and creative community life.

As the elected official for Area C, which encompasses a large rural area as well as the community site, I represent my constituents at the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary and on many Regional and Provincial boards and committees—all that can help us here in our community. I have invited community members to advise me through the Recreation Commission and the Area Planning Commission as my goal is to listen to the residents here as I seek to work with them to maintain and improve the community’s infrastructure and opportunity horizon. Because I see a bright future for our community, I want to do everything I can to facilitate the kind of growth and development that reflects the values that people here hold dear.

You will see on this website that we have a lively business community and an impressive number of community organizations working to ensure that the community’s hopes are realized. People who love this community keep us entertained and socially active with a wide range of events and activities. Volunteers look after issues such as the stewardship of the lake, community arts and culture, community safety and community development. We are one of those rare communities where people can still find kind support when they have personal challenges in their lives.

I am particularly proud that the key organizations have come together to form the Christina Gateway Community Development Association. We are tackling community economic development in a strategic fashion since we know we need to strengthen our business sector going forward. We are aiming to attract young families who can benefit from our wonderful Christina Lake School and the many clubs and activities that youth and parents can enjoy here.

If your visit on our website or with one of our guest accommodators inspires you and you are considering settling here or starting or buying a business, I would be pleased to meet with you to provide you the assistance you might need to make your future with us here… come home to the lake!

-Grace McGregor