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Christina Lake Homecoming Summerfest

Join us for the Annual Christina Lake Homecoming Summerfest July 6th-8th, 2023!

This year Christina Lake is celebrating our local Fire/Rescue’s 50th anniversary by letting them take charge in hosting our Summerfest! The Homecoming Summerfest has become a tradition here in Christina Lake, a place where memories are shared and new ones are made. It’s a time for all, past and present, near or far, to unify in our love for “The Lake”. It’s a time for our community, to come together to celebrate our regions talents, showcase our businesses and bring awareness to our community services and organizations.

This year’s Summerfest is kicking off at the Welcome Center on July 6th at 6pm with a movie night at the fire hall, and an Open Mic night at the Welcome Center at 7pm – 9pm. Friday evening there’s a rope rescue demo and another free concert outdoors at the Welcome Center. Saturday the 8th is packed with all kinds of events, food vendors, a local vendors market at the Community Hall, followed by a Christina lake street party. We look forward to seeing you there!!!

Looking for more info? Check out the CL Fire/Rescue’s Facebook page here.