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Christina Lake is located half way across the southern edge of the province, just north of the British Columbia-Washington border. It is considered part of the Boundary Country, the area of the province nestled between the Okanagan Valley and West Kootenay Valley regions; geographically defined by the Kettle River Valley and the Monashee Mountains.

Location and climate are two of the main attractions of Christina Lake.  Clear mountain-fed streams, clean lakes and hectares of wilderness create plentiful opportunities for recreation. Plenty of sunshine, four full seasons, and mild temperatures make Christina Lake an ideal environment for those who love the outdoors.  Christina Lake has the distinction of being the warmest tree lined lake in Canada due to hot springs deep in the lake. Christina Lake is a community with many assets. An unincorporated village with little government infrastructure, it has risen to become a home for some, and a destination for many. Years of volunteer work by local residents have created a community which is enlightened on environmental and social concerns, and yet maintains an intrinsically small-town quality which is cherished by locals and visitors alike. These efforts have established a community whose assets are varied, yet cohesive; historical yet progressive.

Christina Lake Tourism Society was established in 2010 and in 2013 we received our official designation as a ‘Visitor Information Centre’ allowing specialized signage, employee training and materials for our Visitor Information Desk that is housed in the Christina Lake Welcome Centre.

The Society aims to improve its capacity for ‘inbound marketing’.  This refers to the process of reaching new visitors through technology as well as a collaborative approach to marketing and achieving goals set out in our strategic plan. Working towards strong partnerships within our community and region The Christina Lake Tourism Society also operates Tina’s Trading Post, offering Christina Lake Branded merchandise. Visitors have the opportunity to take a picture of themselves ‘jumping off the bridge’, a three-dimensional floor painting of a wooden trestle bridge over Cascade Gorge, celebrating our area’s history.

Increased Tourism provides economic benefits to our Business Community on all levels. Working collectively benefits the entire region and creates a vital community and destination for visitors.


To assist all tourism related businesses in Christina Lake to plan, market, and attract new customers.


Through the development of a Tourism Plan, the CLTS will include, but not be limited to, these four areas:

  • Destination and Industry Development
  • Marketing
  •  Visitor Servicing
  •  Tourism Management

Building on the strengths of existing community groups; CLTS will help the business community increase its influence region-wide, and will foster a strong business climate, a healthy quality of life, sustainable community development and increased levels of tourism. For tourism to be sustainable, it is most effective if its development is in line with the needs of the local community. To work towards this goal, the impacts of tourism on the local community will be monitored on a regular basis.


Socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible; supportive of healthy families, strong communities and of the pioneering spirit of our residents; promoters of collaboration, partnerships and accessibility; inclusive; transparent and friendly. 


  • Tourism Manger to coordinate and implement the Christina Lake Tourism Plan.
  • Being connected to the Visitor Information Centre network across B.C.
  • Priority Racking at The Christina Lake Visitor Information Centre.
  • Features on the Christina Lake Visitor Info Facebook page, Instagram and the our Website, christinalake.ca
  • Participate in the Marketing Planning of Christina Lake Tourism
  • Unified Approach to Marketing, reduced advertising rates for Collective Advertising and Trade Shows
  • Ability to vote on Christina Lake Tourism issues
  • Inclusion on posters of local amenities, such as “Eat at the Lake” “ Stay at the Lake”.
  • User analytics, demographic breakdown and analysis available upon request.
  • Promotions of events if requested-posters can be dropped off at Christina Lake Visitor Information Centre, Digital posters can be emailed to tourism@christinalake.ca
  • 10% Off Branded items at Tina’s Trading Post
  • Collective buying power on branded items
  • Accommodators: Daily/weekly phone calls regarding the occupancy (after 11AM) and special events or promotions in the summer season
  • contact tourism@christinalake.ca to request a membership application.