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Accessibility at the Christina Lake Provincial Park

Our Christina Lake Provincial Park has recently become one of few BC Parks with access to a Mobi-Mat, a specialized floating chair, and accessible parking spaces. These features are wonderful additions for those who require them, but also are intended to be a reflection of the community’s strength when we work together. The lake is for everybody, and the reminder these features serve of this is among their best qualities. Happy trails, everyone!




A 92 foot long Mobi-Mat is made of a tough material that allows wheelchair access to the water. the mat is set up at the far left of the beach and is out between May and September depending on water levels.


Floating Chair


The most recent addition to our accessibility options, the floating chair is available for anyone who has a support person with them. A waiver is issued at the Christina Lake Welcome Center through Tourism, who will also assist on site at the park to unlock and set up the chair. A life jacket can be provided and is mandatory for use. To ensure regulation and security of the equipment, we ask that a card is left with Tourism as collateral, which will be returned once the chair is put away. 


Parking at the Provincial Park


Designated accessibility parking is available near the washrooms/change rooms for better access to the lake.


Accessing the Trans Canada Trail

There are two staging areas for the Trans Canada which are the most ideal for accessibility parking, making it easier to enjoy the popular Christina Lake sights along the trail.


Santa Rosa Staging Area


Across the highway from the Welcome Center is Santa Rosa road. The staging area is located up the mountain, just before the pavement ends on the left hand side. This section of the trail brings you to a lookout over the Lake, and is available for all to enjoy! You can get the directions here.


Hwy 395 Staging Area


Following the 395 just past the Cascade Falls will lead you to the staging area that brings you closest to the grand trestle bridge. Its a view perfect for an evening walk, which you can find here.



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