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Boundary Community Hospice Association Mission Statement: Support when you need it most.

Boundary Community Hospice Association has provided hundreds of hours volunteer “vigil” support in our two palliative care rooms, extended care and community. As well as providing education and resources around “end of life” care for our community members. A Volunteer Drivers Program has been coordinated under our Hospice Umbrella; it is a very popular program, utilized by many members.

For Hospice support; Our volunteers come in (often on short notice) to sit with individuals whom are actively dying to ensure they are not alone and provide family members much needed respite. We also have a Volunteer Drivers Program, where volunteers tackle the summits in all types of weather for community members in need of getting to medical related appointments. They travel to Trail, Castlegar, Kelowna, Penticton and within our communities as well. If interested in volunteering for the various programs like palliative care or volunteer drivers program, The Boundary Community Hospice Association welcomes your call.

In Service Monthly Meetings: First Tuesday, at Board Room in Boundary Hospital, contact office regarding In service meetings and time confirmation

AGM: September

Annual Events: Lighting of the Memorial Tree December at Boundary Lodge, Hospice Training in Fall

Contact: Louise Fitzgerald

Email: boundaryhospice(@gmail.com) or louise.fitzgerald(@interiorhealth.ca)

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