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Christina Lake Fire and Rescue

Christina Lake Fire Rescue operates as a paid on call Department under the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary. The Dept. is comprised of a Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Captains, Lieutenants and Firefighters.

The Department members are all trained as Medical First Responders and our Rescue unit is fully equipped to deal with all nature of medical emergency situations.

We operate out of one hall on Swanson Road and cover two geographic boundaries. The Fire response area is to the Gladstone (Texas Creek) Provincial Park and up Highway 3 to the Laferty Highways Gravel Pit. West towards Grand Forks to the area across from Gilpen and to the U.S. Canada Border. East to Km. 10 of the Santa Rosa Highway. We do not cover boat access homes on Christina Lake.

The First Responder boundary covers all of Area “C” of the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary. We also have Mutual Aid Agreements in place with Orient Washington, Grand Forks Fire Rescue and the Regional Fire Service out of Trail/Rossland. We also have response agreements with the B.C. Forest Service and the B.C. Ambulance Service.

Christina Lake operates the following emergency vehicles:

Engine One – 2012 Freightliner Fast Response Engine with 600 Gal of water, Foam and Equipped with the Jaws of Life and Highway Rescue Equipment.

Engine Two – 1993 Volvo Engine with 1000 Gal of water equipped to respond to all structural Fires

Engine Three – 1980 GMC 4×4 Mini Pumper with 250 Gal of water. This vehicle is set up to respond to brush fires.

Tender Four – 1997 Ford Tanker Truck equipped to transport 1700 Gal of water and can draft water from creeks. It also carries two “porta tanks” to allow it to dump the entire load of water and return for a quick refill.

Rescue Five – This is an Arctic Cat Side by Side All Terrain Vehicle. This vehicle is used for rescue operations, Forest Fires and is adaptable for other operations.

Rescue Six – 2007 GMC 4×4 Rescue Unit equipped with the Jaws of Life, all equipment for Over bank rescue, Highway rescue, Medical Emergencies, Water and Ice Rescue. This is not a vehicle that carries water for firefighting.

C1 – 2009 Ford 4×4 Crew Cab Pickup Truck, equipped with some safety equipment, Fire Extinguishers, Medical Emergency equipment. This vehicle is assigned to the Fire Chief and is the Command Vehicle.

Questions or Comments can be directed to:

Fire Chief,

Christina Lake Fire Rescue

P. O. Box 18,

Christina Lake, B.C.

V0H 1E0

Contact the Fire Chief by Phone at 250-444-0553

or email  : jgeary@rdkb.com

Click here for more info on the Christina Lake Firefighters Society.

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