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The Christina Lake Stewardship Society (CLSS) is a non-profit charitable organization that was established in January of 2001 (Committee Est. 1994). The mandate of the Society is to maintain the quality and health of the Christina Lake Watershed. Over the years the Society has been involved in several programs and projects which includes lake monitoring, fish enumerations and public education.

The CLSS has a new location in the Christina Lake Living Arts Center (Welcome Centre). There is now an interpretive gallery as well as the public resource library that has all relevant reports, maps and data for the Christina lake Watershed to date. The gallery is evolving and will have a science and nature theme which will include new exhibits of replicate talons, eggs, skulls, and tracks, as well as how to remain Wild Safe.

Over the past year the CLSS has been busy with updating our community based watershed management plan and lake inventory. They have been expanding their education program to prevent Zebra/Quagga mussel introduction into the lake, which included watercraft inspection training in Dover, Idaho. Members of their team have received their Wetland Keeper’s certification in June, to aid in the conservation of our watershed. CLSS works diligently and with a professional ethic (all year round) to help conserve and protect the place we call home.

Along with education, they have continued to involve the community in stewardship, and the 13th annual Lake Clean Up Day involved 57 volunteers. Our volunteers have contributed to all aspects of our organization including helping with special events, inventory, organization of the gallery and office work. As well as field work including fish enumerations and monitoring of our lakes and streams, education and working with the young stewards as well as participating in watercraft inspection training, and water quality monitoring.

This is just some of the things our volunteers do. Their giving to our community is boundless. The dedication of our volunteers is what allows the CLSS to make a difference in our community, and helps in the conservation of this area for future generations. If interested in becoming a Volunteer Steward, please contact CLSS at clss@shaw.ca or 250-447-2504 or come visit us at our office.

Monthly Meetings: Every third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Christina Living Arts Centre (Welcome Centre) large boardroom (no meetings are held in August and December)

AGM: Third Thursday each March at 7:00 pm at the Community Hall

Annual Events: Lake Clean Up Day (May), Christina Lake Annual Watershed Review (December)

Contact: Brenda LaCroix – Stewardship Coordinator/Project Manager

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