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The Christina Lake Waterfront Property Owners Society are an incorporated society in British Columbia, formed in 2010.

The Christina Lake Waterfront Property Owners Society will aim to:

1. Be a strong and united voice to ensure that our rights be preserved and respected when dealing with government at all levels.

2. Work constructively with government and other local groups to represent our views.

3. Communicate interactively with members about important and upcoming issues relevant to waterfront owners.

4. Provide timely discussions and the ability for all members to voice opinions on topics of interest in order to develop unified positions on issues.

The Christina Lake Waterfront Property Owners Society Board members have provided input in the preparation of letters sent to our local MLA and the BC Minister of the Environment concerning issues of significance to our members, the most of important of which is the invasive species, Eurasian Water Milfoil. They are working closely with our regional district to explore all reasonable, legal and cost-effective methods to help mitigate the impact of this nuisance at Christina Lake. There board is fully supportive of the work by the Christina Lake Stewardship Society in providing information to local and visiting boaters concerning the potential dangers of Zebra/Quagga mussels. There board feels that this issue needs to be raised on the radar of our local federal member of parliament and the federal ministry of the environment and we will be working to that end.

The Christina Lake Waterfront Property Owners Society continues to solicit membership to their society within the Christina Lake Waterfront Owners’ group. They presently have two openings on their board, if you are interested in joining the board, please contact or visit their website.

Monthly Meetings: Periodically as required

Newsletter: Periodically as required

AGM: August

Contact: Mike Fairweather

Email: chair(@christinalakewpos.com)

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