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Located in the heart of Christina Lake in the community park, the Christina Lake Welcome Centre celebrated its official Grand Opening on August 6, 2010. The focus of ten years work to create a Welcome Centre for the region, it serves as an interpretive centre and as a tourist attraction that showcases the region’s vibrant arts and cultural life, as well as its commitment to environmental sustainability. A gallery displays arts and crafts created by artists and artisans from throughout the entire Boundary region. A retail shop, including on-line sales capability, offers locally produced items, as well as a variety of other tourist-related products for sale to visitors.

An Eco Machine treats all of the wastewater from the Centre. The Eco Machine will be an incredible teaching tool about our ecosystems, showing how nature works to break down waste through microbes, fish, snails and aquatic plants, and produces clean water without the use of chemicals or other compounds harmful to our environment.

The next phase of this project will include a Studio Centre for artisans and an outside amphitheatre for summer music and performances.

For more info visit our website at http://www.christinalakearts.com

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