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The Parent Advisory Council (PAC), is an organization which works in partnership with Christina Lake Elementary School. CLES includes around 102 students and around 9 teachers and staff. This school is the foundation for our children of Christina Lake and one of the most unique schools around thanks to the teachers, parents and the community that make this school so wonderful.

Our Parent Advisory Committee meets once a month and are part of making wonderful things happen in our School. We coordinate fundraisers like selling Purdy’s Chocolates, Bottle Drives, special school lunch days, Christmas Raffle and bake sale all extra profits go back into the school to give back to our children for school trips and other school needs.

We organize fun events like family movie nights for all of the families to enjoy, volunteer our time in our annual special days like Winter Fun day and Sports Day events which have been a tradition of the CLES School for as many years as we can remember. It’s our committee and community that helps makes these events happen thanks to our organizing, our time and our commitment to our children and school.

We are a wonderful community with a wonderful school all living here for one reason and that’s to enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of the people we live amongst and help give our children the learning foundation to become successful adults one day as our generations move on and on.

Annual Fundraising Events: Bottle Drive: Fall, Winter, Spring, QSP Magazine Subscription Fundraiser, Purdy’s Chocolates for Christmas & Easter, PAC Movie Night, Poinsettia Sales, PAC’s Awesome Raffle, December Bake Sale.

AGM Meeting: October

Monthly Meetings: First Wednesday of Every Month at 5pm in CLES staff room

Contact: Sheldon Weigel, President

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