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Ideal for a family hike or bike, the old Kettle Valley Railway was decommissioned several years ago and is now part of the Trans Canada Trail. The Cascade Gorge area offers a great variety of sights and viewpoints, and is one of the most popular areas to explore around the lake. Along with the spectacular natural scenery to be found as the Kettle River carves its way through the rocky Gorge Canyon, there are also remnants of the Cascade power project, which produced some of the first AC current in the region, and opened the surrounding region to electrical power.

The trip from Santa Rosa down to Highway #3 follows the old Kettle Valley Railway bed and includes the crossing the Kettle River and Cascade Gorge on two CPR tressel bridges which have been redecked with guard rails installed. For shorter trips and more exploring options of this area, see the Trans Canada Trail page.

Distance: 5 km

Difficulty: Hike: Easy

Bike: Easy

Time: Hike: 1/2 Day

Uses: Hiking & Biking

Trail Head Access :

Follow Santa Rosa Road off of Highway #3 until just before you reach the first switchback (1.5km) and a parking area to your left. The trail is accessed by crossing Santa Rosa Road. and following the gravel track around the switchback. From here the trail slopes gently down towards the first trestle. After this, follow the rail grade, crossing Highway #395. The Falls may be accessed by crossing over a small concrete bridge (the bulkhead) just off the trail on the right, and following the path. There are no guardrails or fencing; use extreme caution while viewing from the rock cliffs. Once over the second trestle there is a short road to the right leading up to Highway #3. To return to Christina Lake, turn right and follow the highway until you reach Thompson Road (on the left). Follow Thompson Road. back down to Westlake Drive, turn right and follow to Highway #3.

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