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This trail follows along the shores of Christina Creek, the only outflow of Christina Lake. It covers a short distance making it accessible to most ages and abilities. In places the trail dips down offering access to sandbars and pools along the creek. There is ample opportunity to view the abundant wildlife. Keep an eye out for beavers, muskrats, and a large variety of birds. Watch for poison ivy along the creek.

Distance: 2 km

Difficulty: Hike: Easy – Moderate

Suitable for almost all ages and abilities

Time: Hike: 45 minutes

Elev. Change: 55 m

Uses: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Fishing, Horseback Riding

Trail Head Access :

Just north of the Highway #3 Bridge over Christina Creek there is a turn off to the right and a small parking area. Follow on foot for 50 m, the trail dips down to the right. At km 1.5 the trail climbs the bank and then turns left, avoiding private property at the fenced section. Go downhill for .7 km and look for a small road on the left leading gently downhill. Follow this road and look for a trail on your right. This trail joins another small road leading back to the parking area.

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